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About Castle

Castle Functional Fitness is founded on genuine service with a vision to bring back member engagement. Castle way is to ask you why you train, to challenge the status quo and influence people to develop a purpose and desire toward their fitness goals. To think, move & feel. Castle Functional Fitness offers a boutique fitness facility that specialises in primal and modern human movement, ranging from functional-strength training and high-intensity group workouts that are focused on, longevity, growth and results.

Castle Back Story

The idea behind the name Castle was driven by our desire to offer members an experience. We wanted to give you a theme that has been around for most of human history. A journey of fitness and imagination. Showcasing sophistication and brute reality, this meant giving Castle a touch of darkness and intrigue, the forever mystery of what would come next. The fun parts were the endless days & nights reading, drawing and debating as to which of the 50+ designs we had created would take the victory. This lead to high amounts of coffees jacked up on lions-mane, and unplanned intermittent fasting sessions. 

After 1 year the red crown finally came to life and took its rightful place as the overarching victor. Castle’s identity was born, we fell into constant flow state, with an enlightened view and a endless supply of energy we got to work night and day, no holidays and no days off! We truly immersed ourselves in the Castle philosophy both imaginatively and physically, we have spent over 2yrs conceptualizing, failing and learning. We are now very proud to share Castle Functional Fitness with you and we hope you will join us on this journey, for the journey has only just began.

Special thanks to all our family & friends, for supporting us and helping us every step of the way.

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