Once Upon A Time

Castle Legend

In the beginning

Many years ago, combat plagued the land. Castles, Vikings, Magic and The First’s battled to be the sole survivors and controllers of the land. Their belief that prosperity could exist only when exclusive to themselves inhibited their development, and thriving was replaced by loss, grief and depravity. Castles were torn apart. Vikings were slaughtered, Magic was lost, And The First’s have never been heard from since. 

Out of the dust of destruction, a leader emerged. Vowing to never allow combat to devastate the land again, he pledged to establish a new breed of warriors, he called them, The Ultimate Community. Learning from the most powerful Castles, Vikings, Magic and The First’s of history, he united their unique sets of skills with the best of their philosophy. The Ultimate Community was to be an alliance of the strongest warriors both physically and mentally. Training under the toughest conditions known by man, and studying the eternal principles of life.

My path

Castle is where your training begins. Enhance your skills, grow stronger and find your wisdom. Join The Ultimate Community! 

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