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Castle Functional Fitness is developed for all ages and any fitness level. CFF classes are structured to increase strength, speed, endurance and dexterity in a controlled team environment. CFF offers the full experience with an open functional gym area and yoga classes. Our mission is for you to achieve your goals whilst enjoying your training. We love members who look at training with us as an investment to their health, wellness and longevity.

We offer guidance and support through specific functional classes and the freedom of an open gym. Our classes are set so that you can progress at your own pace and not be to far out of your depth. We are here to coach and push you to achieve your best you but in a manner that is safe and monitored. We are also the first fitness facilities to offer a library area, with a seating area to study and read.Who is Castle Functional Fitness for ?

Yes, but we’d recommend you get the OK from your doctor before working out. Research has shown that regular exercise can prevent, slow down and even reverse some symptoms. Our team has experience creating exercise regimes specific to injuries and illness so ask one of our coaches for advice and support.

Not at all. In fact, if you’re unfit Castle is the best place for you. But one thing is certain: with our energetic and passionate fitness team you’ll soon be fit after joining!

There are no set classes that anyone should or shouldn’t do and enough variety to ensure that there’s a class for you. Don’t be scared of trying something new. If you find it isn’t for you, simply try something else next time but you never know.

You are required to be 12 years or older to join on a membership and we require a guardian signature on your contract and Pre-exercise questionnaire. You do not require a guardian if you are above the age of 16. From 12 years a guardian must be with you at all times when attending Castle Functional Fitness. 

Student/Concession discount is available. Please call us or pop in to find out more information to sign up as a student/concession. Proof of ID required. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can, we even do it free of charge, for upto 12 weeks, this period is flexible with subject to injury. Please send us an email with your suspension dates to – member@castlefunctionalfitness.com

Yes you can,

Memberships with a no lock-in contract policy require only two (2) weeks notice to cancel.

Memberships with a (3) three month minimum term, are required to pay out the remaining period of that term with two (2) weeks notice.

You can submit your notice by email at: member@castlefunctionalfitness.com

Absolutely, the more the merrier!

Bring them along for a 5 day free trial if they join and mention your name you will receive our (FI) friends incentive. 

Invite a friend and if they join you will receive 2 weeks free!

More friends more FREE.

T’s & C’s Apply *

*  The referrer must be an existing member.

*  The new member cannot be a previous member

Yes you need to book (and cancel) all classes. This is easily done via the Castle Functional Fitness app. When you arrive you can check in on the ipad for attendance to the class.

You can still book to be placed on a waitlist which offers 10 spots. This is done through our Castle app. If a place becomes available you will be automatically added and a confirmation email or app notification will notify you.

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